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Wednesday, 30 December 2020

A new poem to end 2020

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas.

What a year it has been. As we approach the end of 2020, tomorrow I will be posting a brand new poem to close out the year.

Sunday, 15 November 2020

A Noble Death - 10th anniversary!

This is a few days late, I meant to post this on the 11th for Remembrance Day but obviously that didn’t happen, with all that is going on right now in the world things have been busy for us all.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a decade already since I wrote this poem. What started out as a simple 10th Grade history assignment in 2010 went on to become something bigger than I ever could have imagined!

A Noble Death is a poem about World War I. After getting top marks on my assignment, this poem went on to win second place in The Royal Canadian Legion’s annual poetry contest just a couple years later, and has been used in Remembrance Day assemblies at various schools over the years alongside John McCrae’s In Flanders Fields.

Here is the poem if you’ve never seen it before or if you’d like to see it again!

A Noble Death
By: Vickram Bachan

We are killed one by one,
Some by bomb and some by gun.

This is war.

For a man who has lived an adventurous life,
All it is now is pain and strife.

Freedom and peace are what we're fighting for.

Many of our bodies now lay in Flanders Fields,
Some are carried and some are wheeled.

This is war.

We die for you with sacrifice and pain,
And now we hope it is not all in vain.

Freedom and peace are what we're fighting for.

The living are covered in dirt and lice,
While the dead are eaten by rats and mice.

This is war.

The food here is stale it has no flavour or spice,
We miss our homes and good tasting rice.

Freedom and peace are what we're fighting for.

At home you grin and laugh with joy,
Here we are killed, and thrown aside like an old toy.

This is war.

Sometimes we must fight for what is right,
With a cause so great, we must fight with all out might.

Freedom and peace are what we're fighting for.

We long to get out of these trenches that smell,
But sometimes getting to Heaven, means going through hell.

This is war.

November 1918 the war is done,
Soldiers are happy to see the sun.

This is peace.

Recounting the lives that were taken away,
The thousands the war took, a devastating price to pay.

It is important to reflect.
We faced death in the hope that Canada would one day be a place of freedom and peace.
We won, but at what cost?
Let's hope war doesn't happen again!

I hope everyone is staying safe out there! Where ever you are I hope you remember to take the time to remember what our fighting service people do for us, not just on Remembrance Day but everyday.

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Unity - poem

Hello to all, I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!

Here is a new one some of you may not have seen before. This one was published a few years ago in a 2016 collection from The Polar Expressions Publishing.
With all that is going on in the world right now I thought I’d post and share it here for the first time.

By: Vickram Bachan
Let’s mend and build bridges, not stupid walls,
Let’s work together before the whole world falls.

When can we have not war but peace?
Will the gunfires and bombs never cease?

Learning to get along is how to fix the problem;
We look down on history, but there still exists racism.

Why can’t people just work together?
Why do they fight and kill each other?

History tells us of both slavery and war,
But nothing has changed today is a new scar.

Why do we waste our time with all this nonsense?
Would it really help to be separated, living behind a fence?

We are all part of the same world and home,
This is our earth, we should all be free to roam.

Why can we not live together as one?
Who doesn’t wish for stereotypes to be done?

We are all humans, one in the same,
Our differences make us unique, like a name.

Why is there a need for defences?
Why do we offer one another offences?

Blocking and ignoring each other is not the answer,
We should instead spend our time finding a cure for cancer.

Will freedom ever be a true reality?
Or will it be something we never live to see?

Mankind needs to learn that war is not the solution,
Instead of fighting, find a way to end pollution!

ALL lives matter, but has the world gone mad?
These days and time we live in are just too crazy and sad.

Why can’t people respect one another for who they are?
We bring doomsday upon ourselves, the apocalypse won’t be far.

Who We Are: We Are One - poem

This is another one that many of you love, so in light of current event I thought this one deserved a re-post as well. Enjoy!

Who We Are: We are One 
By: Vickram Bachan
The colour of our skin is clear to us, it is in black and white,
We are all humans, so why all the spite?

We need to be proud of ourselves and one another,
Our skin is like a suit that displays personality and character.

We are who we are for very special reasons,
We are the way we are and this is what we are given.

We are meant to be the way we are,
Each of us a sparkling, watery star.

Together, the human race makes a vibrant rainbow,
And when looked at from the heavens, we shine and glow.

Without peace that rainbow dies with silent woes,
For what racism does, I hope everybody knows.

We criticize the outside, seeing white, black, yellow, brown and more,
And we judge without understanding what lies beneath the pores.

Everyone's blood is red, the colour of life and death,
Though our true inner colours haven't been discovered yet.

I Am Who I Am - poem

You’ve seen this poem before and many seem to love this one. In light of current events I thought I would re-post it. Enjoy!

I Am Who I Am
By: Vickram Bachan 
Stop trying to change my personality,
Just accept me for who I'm meant to be.
I was born in a country that is free,
Canada is all about democracy.
If everybody were the same, the world would be a very boring place,
We are all different, that's why everyone has their own face.
I am what I am, and I'm going to be me,
I will not change to make others happy.
I won't act different to please everyone else,
I will always continue to just be myself.
If I'm comfortable with myself, then who are you to judge?
The Almighty above made me special, so don't you dare hold a grudge!
Hate me for who I am, but don't love me for something I am not,
If you want to make fun, then give me give me everything you've got.
Sure, I could change, but I wouldn't even want to try,
When I look in a mirror the reflection would lie.
I'll live my life the way I want and stay on track,
If I sold my soul I could never buy it back.
Life is about choices; it's up to us to make the right ones,
I will be myself, do what I want, and stick to my guns.
People will always judge me, no matter what, 
I will do my own thing, and follow my heart and my gut.
So please don't try to change my personality,
Love me for who I am and always will be.